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The impact of pest species over time - this PowerPoint is for use in class (session 6) & was created by Environment Canterbury/ Dept. of Conservation educators presentation

Bush Telly – NZ Conservation Channel: There are a number of useful short clips on here where biodiversity officers explain the problems they face with some pest species. Best link through which to access is here.
Radio New Zealand– Nine to Noon programme (08.09. 2009). β€œAre weeds taking over?” Lynley Hayes is a research leader at Landcare Research, Lincoln University, studying bio-control of weeds. (duration: 11 25)

Department of Conservation/TVNZ : Meet the Locals is a series of mini-documentaries about New Zealand's wildlife, wild places and the people working to protect them. Each four-minute episode showcases the inspiring work of local communities, businesses and individuals, who make a difference to protecting our natural areas, native species and historic places. Meet the Locals is a partnership between DOC and TVNZ 7.

  • Trappers: Pest control is a huge, ongoing job that occurs throughout New Zealand. In this video you'll meet The Friends of Rotoiti, volunteer trappers in Nelson Lakes National Park.
  • Deer Recovery: Deer were introduced into Fiordland over a hundred years ago - as a tourism opportunity for hunters. However, by the 1930s, deer had run rampant.
  • Extreme Pine Control :Not for the faint-hearted, pine control in the Kaweka Forest Park looks like something out of a James Bond movie
  • Extreme Weed Control : In Hauturu, a day's weeding can mean some pretty extreme antics.
  • Koi carp : sometimes known as 'possums of the waterways' due to the destruction they create for native freshwater plants and wildlife. This video shows how bow-hunters are targeting these pests.
  • Pest fish : They present a huge problem to our fresh waterways, as they suffocate native water plants and animals
  • Wilding pines : Wilding pines are pine trees that have escaped into the wild. In some places they are a huge pest. This video shows how DOC rangers get rid of wilding pines.
  • Jack the Ratter : Jack is a dog trained to find rats on predator-free islands. He helps save our birds and reptiles by sniffing out the predators first!
  • Trout : Nestled in a peaceful bush setting, the Tongariro National Trout Centre provides a peek into the world of trout. Watch this video to find out why DOC protects this introduced fish in Tongariro.
  • Southland stoats : The hard-case Southland couple who run Wairaurahiri Jet have come up with a novel way of incorporating stoat trapping with their jet boating business in Fiordland
  • An Estuary : The Waikanae Estuary, just north of Wellington, was dying, slowly but surely. It was being strangled by weeds and hemmed in by houses. But all is not lost thanks to some passionate estuary-minded locals
  • Cats : Video of cat attacking a NZ falcon nest

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