Taking it further - what else is out there?

On this page you will find links to other learning programmes that may supplement what we provide in our What a Pest! inquiry learning unit.
Please let us know if you find other supplementary resources that teachers in other schools may find useful and fun!

Te Ara - online encyclopaedia. Links for articles referred to in our unit:

Weedbusters in Schools

Pest Tales: a really engaging online learning programme full of activities. It has similar outcomes to our own programme but a num,ber of the activities are online or take students to a greater depth around particular issues. While it is Australian based (Years 5 & 6) the activities may be easily adpated by teachers to fit with what's happening locally.

Pest World for Kids: This interactice learning resources has been created by Pestworld, a Fairfax, Virginia, US based organisation. The activities & lessons cater to a range of ages from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Many are easily adapted to reflect teh NZ situation.

Action Bioscience: brought to you by the American Institute of Biological Sciences. The variety of lesson offered are mainly for older students based on an article about introduced species & threats to biodiversity. Need to scroll down to find the lesson chocies.